Our Story

LANZI was founded in 1971 by Francesco Lanzi as a small factory of elastics for braces in the Tuscan town of Sansepolcro, birthplace of 15th Century painter Piero della Francesca. The contribution of Francesco Lanzi’s son Enzo determines a leap forward in terms of technical know-how and commercial expansion. In 1976, in order to face the growing demand from customers, the company moves to the industrial area of the town, in a larger facility with an average production of 3.000.000 meters per year.

In the 80’s LANZI starts to produce gros-grain ribbons and elastics for shoes. The elastic article E/3 soon becomes widely renowned as a standard of quality and reliability for the application in the shoe industry (Chelsea Boots, Sandals, Loafers, Sneakers). E/3 is now our most produced article and it proved to be a versatile elastic, suitable for applications in a variety of sectors; bags, belts, clothing, furniture, automotive, bookbinding, just to say some.

Starting from the 2000’s LANZI cooperates more and more often with international fashion brands demanding not only a meticulous attention to quality, but also creativity and continuous innovation. This inspires the creation of new elastics with metallic inserts, shiny surfaces, embossed patterns and logos.

Today LANZI’s purpose is to meet our customers’ ever more specific needs for customization and flexibility, with quick deliveries and an extremely good value for money. Being aware that our ribbons are only a small part of the finished product, we anyway want to amaze the designers with our creations and guarantee the highest quality for the consumer.


Every step of the production process is controlled by highly qualified technicians, aided by modern technologies of colorimetry and optical quality check. We have daily meetings with our personnel to organize the production schedule and to discuss about new products, fashion trends, innovative materials and technologies.

We believe that the secret to create a good product is not only to know your own task and how to do it well, but also to cooperate with your teammates to pursue the same goal all together.