LANZI is an eco-friendly factory, powered by solar energy. Our 1.000 square meters wide photovoltaic system, with 300 Wp solar panels, has an average monthly production of 10.000,00 kWh, which allows to save around 15.000,00 Kg of Carbon emissions.

Our brand-new roof cover with wooden structure is designed to better resist to earthquakes and to guarantee a higher energy efficiency, while creating a warm and pleasant workspace.

We are deeply aware of our environmental responsibility and our aim is to improve every day the sustainability of our production.

ISO 14001 certification of environmental management system

We have just obtained the ISO 14001 Certification for the Environmental Management System (see here below copy of the certificate released by CSQ). This is a very important step in our commitment to improve our environmental impact, started some years ago when we installed our solar-panel system, that today powers our production with renewable energy in a highly efficient factory.

Policy for environmental management system

The management of the ribbon factory LANZI s.r.l. undertakes to use this environmental policy as a means to lead its organization towards improving performance.
LANZI s.r.l. undertakes to make available the Economic, Human and Infrastructural Resources necessary to ensure that its services and conduct comply with the voluntary standard UNI EN ISO 14001:2015 for the Environmental Management System.
An organization that takes care of the protection of the environment, and whose aim is the continuous improvement of its performance in these areas, is an organization that can be competitive and flexible in the constantly evolving market of today.

The Management of LANZI S.r.l. undertakes:

  • to respect and maintain compliance with current national legislation, conventions, legal and other requirements;
  • to analyze errors/accidents, to promote the improvement of the safety and environmental conditions and of the physical and mental well-being of its collaborators as well as the reduction of the significance of the environmental aspects with effective both preventive and corrective actions;
  • to involve all suppliers of goods, activities and services and to ensure their commitment to the environment by complying with all the requirements of the reference standards;
  • to the involvement of personnel, stakeholders (in particular suppliers) and all interested parties through information about the Policy and the results expected and obtained from the Environmental Management System, keeping continuous channels of communication open to the outside world;
  • to work to prevent and mitigate the impact of its activities on the surrounding environment with particular reference to the production and disposal of waste, the containment of energy consumption and emissions into the atmosphere, including outsourced activities;
  • compliance with environmental protection in accordance with applicable environmental laws;
  • to monitor its processes in order to measure their quality and environmental impacts, committing to the continuous improvement of its environmental management system in order to increase environmental performance.

The collaboration of all interested parties in the company, internal and external, is the prerequisite for periodic monitoring and continuous improvement in the field of Social Responsibility and Environmental Protection. Continuous improvement that for LANZI S.r.l. represents a commitment that is essential to corporate growth. This commitment is fulfilled by LANZI S.r.l. through the planning and implementation of internal audits and the definition and monitoring of specific indicators that are analyzed during the annual Management Systems Reviews.

This Policy is brought to the attention of all interested parties through periodic information and training meetings, it is made available to all employees and externally so that all this can contribute to improving the general conditions of management and enhancement of the human and environmental heritage and landscaping. The Management reviews the validity of this policy within periodic Reviews.