Environmental Labeling and Recycling of Our Packaging

Here below you can find the info about ENVIRONMENTAL LABELING of our packaging and a practical guide to recycle our packaging materials.   Boxes -> Corrugated Cardboard, PAP 20 / PAPER  Check the provisions of your Municipality. Empty the box of its contents before giving it to the collection. Reduce the volume of the box. […]

History of the Chelsea Boot: the Elastic Shoe that has come a Long Way

Recently the ankle boot with elastic has been a constant presence in the collections of fashion brands, consumers appreciate their comfort and versatility with every outfit, be it casual or dressy. Their history dates back to the 19th Century, when Queen Victoria’s shoemaker Joseph Sparkes Hall patented a new type of horse-riding shoe with low […]

Ribbons you can trust, from the first to the last meter

LANZI NASTRIFICIO constantly invests in new technologies to improve the quality and uniformity of the finished product. Recently we have installed a digital quality control system by Uster-EVS, that can examine the tissue from multiple angles with its optical sensors. The system can memorize by machine-learning the features of every ribbon and notify the defects […]

Lanzi green: a yarn tied to our future

LANZI NASTRIFICIO has embarked on a path of environmental responsibility, aimed to improve the sustainability of our productive plants and of the raw materials used to weave our ribbons. Thanks to a public funding, we built a highly thermic-efficient wooden roof cover for our factory and installed a photovoltaic system. Now we can power all […]

Gros-grain ribbon: a classic, always in fashion

The gros-grain is the most essential weaving technique, where only one weft yarn ties all the warp yarns together. The warp yarns are woven one opposite to the other, forming the width of the ribbon and creating the traditional ribbed effect. A simple ribbon, that’s for sure, but useful in many applications: leatherware, shirt-making, promotional […]

Elastic ribbons to fold with leather: trust our experience

The production of elastic ribbons for folding with leather may look like an easy task: it’s a product that remains on the inside and after all it doesn’t need much attention to aesthetics. But the experts of this work will surely tell you that the elastic ribbon plays a fundamental role to obtain a quality […]

Metallic foil elastic ribbon: more quality with the new production line

In 2017 LANZI NASTRIFICIO has started a research and development project to fully automatize the production of the metallic foil elastic ribbon E3SM. This has proven to be a highly rewarding experience for our technicians, who had the chance to experiment the use of nano-particles, aided by researchers of the University of Florence. The outcome […]

Printed elastic ribbons: customization and versatility

We started to make prints by emboss on elastic ribbons over ten years ago. We have already developed more than 100 different designs (visit the page “Embossed Elastics” for some examples) and we improved the printing technique to obtain better definition and seamless patterns. Some of these prints have been used by top fashion brands […]

Etré: the best elastic ribbons for shoes

In the first years of activity, LANZI NASTRIFICIO produced only elastic ribbons for braces and underwear. In 1980, following the request of a local shoe manufacturer, we launched the ETRE’ elastic ribbon. The weaving of the edges had been specifically designed to avoid wrinkles after the cutting process, making it perfect for application in Chelsea […]