Author: damiano

Preview AW24-25 – Pinstripe Elastics & Black Cosmos Lurex

Another anticipation of the new woven elastic ribbons that we’re preparing for our new Autumn/Winter 2024-25 collection! Pinstripe Elastics for Chelsea Boots – 2073 & 2074 These striped elastics are a tribute to the Pinstripe tissues, a timeless classic that nowadays is still popular and continuously gets reinterpreted for applications outside the context of formal […]

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New Article: Lurex Elastic E3UX

Lurex Elastic E3UX – light up your colors This elastic with Lurex yarn has the same technical specifications of our classic article E3U, with a new range of special colors like the lively Turquoise and Pink and the stunning Cosmos, with its bright, rainbow-like light reflections. These bright shades are perfect eye-catchers, both in plain […]

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Internationalization Project

POR CREO FESR 2014-2020 – Azione 3.4.2 “Incentivi all’acquisto di servizi a supporto dell’internazionalizzazione in favore delle PMI. APERTURA 2021” Project implementation period: december 2021 – december 2022 Project amount: 53.448,00 € Union co-financing rate: 44,13% Project location: zona Industriale Fiumicello n. 13 cap 52037 Comune Sansepolcro Provincia AR Paese Italia   “LANZI Srl – […]

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